Upcoming Events

  • Bollywood Blast
    Sun, Mar 15
    Mar 15, 2020, 4:00 p.m. – May 03, 2020, 5:00 p.m.
    Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada
    We are holding a 7 week dance workshop teaching Bollywood/Cinematic dance, including a performance in our year end show!


Calgary's premiere Indian dance school teaching Bharatnatyam, folk & fusion.

Welcome to KBC!

We are one of Calgary’s original Indian classical dance schools. Under the lead of the artistic director and senior choreographers, Kala Bhavan teaches Bharatnatyam & traditional folk dances of India.


Kala Bhavan of Calgary was founded in 1987 under the direction of Roma Thakore. We offer year-round classes, teaching traditional Bharatnatyam and folk dances of India, along with fusion & Indian contemporary items.

Join us at KBC to take advantage of our professional instructors and welcoming community of dancers who love to laugh. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, you can learn with us at KBC. 



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Production videos for Yoddha: The Great Warrior and

Devdasi: A Tale of the Temple Dancers are available for purchase. 


Click here to order one or both of the digital videos.

Videos: $20 each

Video Package: order both Yoddha: The Great Warrior and Devdasi: A Tale of the Temple Dancers, and save $5.

Payment is accepted only by e-transfer to romathakore@shaw.ca.

The video will be sent as a secure file via Google Drive to the email address provided.

Yoddha: The Great Warrior

2019 dance production

The kingdom of Kushalmer has enjoyed decades of prosperity and happiness under the rule of their benevolent ruler, Maharani Rukmini. A fierce warrior in her prime, Maharani Rukmini reigned over Kushalmer with fairness and pride. As enemies approach from the cold northern borders, only the women warriors trained by a veteran war master can defend the kingdom. However, danger lurks within the palace walls when secrets buried almost thirty years ago threaten to weaken Kushalmer and its queen.

Devdasi: A Tale of the Temple Dancers

2017 dance production

In ancient India, young maidens were ritualistically married to a temple's deity and they spent their days surrounded in music and dance. These women were the Devdasis. They were considered a symbol of purity and good luck - the most auspicious women in society. As colonialism spread through the land, the practice of temple dancing was threatened and the fate of the Devdasis grew uncertain. This is a story of the life, trials, and triumph of a group of temple dancers, and the birth of a new art form that will shape the future of India.


Join Our Dance Community

Bharatnatyam classes are for 1 hour on a weekly basis, on evenings and weekends. Classes run from September to June, with a two month break in July and August. We also offer private choreography for events and weddings, hold workshops, and perform at a number of events.

Class times and fees vary by level, so please call to find out more.

Note: We are following AHS guidelines and COVID-19 protocols. Each student is required to complete this checklist before the start of each class.



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To request a performance, rent costumes, book wedding choreography or inquire about lessons call

403-239-7143 or email kala_bhavan@hotmail.com.

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Classes are focused on teaching the fundamentals of Bharatnatyam, beginning with the basic positioning, steps and hand gestures, followed by learning items and facial expressions.


Folk, fusion and fimly style dances are also taught when there is an opportunity to perform at community events. For more information on classes or to enrol, please email kala_bhavan@hotmail.com or call 403-239-7143.

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