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Upcoming Events
  • Kala Bhavan of Calgary Dance Recital 2024
    Kala Bhavan of Calgary Dance Recital 2024
    Sat, May 04
    Heritage Christian Academy Auditorium
    May 04, 2024, 2:30 p.m.
    Heritage Christian Academy Auditorium, 2003 McKnight Blvd NE
    Come appreciate a 90-minute showcase of Bharatnatyam, semi-classical, folk, and filmy dance styles. Doors open at 2:00 p.m. General admission.

Past Dance Productions

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Yoddha: The Great Warrior

May 2019

The kingdom of Kushalmer has enjoyed decades of prosperity and happiness under the rule of their benevolent ruler, Maharani Rukmini. A fierce warrior in her prime, Maharani Rukmini reigned over Kushalmer with fairness and pride. As enemies approach from the cold northern borders, only the women warriors trained by a veteran war master can defend the kingdom. However, danger lurks within the palace walls when secrets buried almost thirty years ago threaten to weaken Kushalmer and its queen.

This 75-minute sold-out production was performed in the spectacular Bella Concert Hall for an audience of 600.


Devadasi: A Tale of the Temple Dancers

May 2017

In ancient India, young maidens were ritualistically married to a temple's deity and they spent their days surrounded in music and dance. These women were the Devdasis. They were considered a symbol of purity and good luck - the most auspicious women in society. As colonialism spread through the land, the practice of temple dancing was threatened and the fate of the Devdasis grew uncertain. This is a story of the life, trials, and triumph of a group of temple dancers, and the birth of a new art form that will shape the future of India.

Over 60 performers and volunteers spent countless hours bringing this production to life. Tickets to the first show sold out within days, and a second showing was added to the bill. The vibrant costumes custom-made from India, dynamic backdrops, and complex choreography captivated the audience.

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Nari: Unveiling A Woman's Journey

May 2011

Nari: Unveiling a Woman's Journey was inspired by the Tibetan Sloka "Om Mani Padme Hum" (the jewel in the heart of the lotus). This ballet was dedicated to all women, everywhere, showing them that by believing in herself and by focusing on her three feminine characteristics - Shrushti (Creation), Prakruti (Nature), and Shakti (Power) - she can realize the ultimate truth that her heart is the jewel of her life.

This 90-minute double sold-out production was performed in front of an audience of 500.

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