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KBC Dance Expectations & Etiquette


Classes run from September 2023 to June 2024. The fall semester runs from September to the end of January and the winter semester runs from February to the end of June. Registration commitment is for the entire season and payments are to be paid per semester or for the full year. The Bharatnatyam curriculum involves the learning of positions and movements that advance in intricacy and technique over years. 


Enrollment into the Bharatnatyam curriculum takes place at the start of the fall semester. Semester 1 begins on September 10, 2023 and Semester 2 begins on February 5, 2024. Private lessons can start at any time, depending on student(s) plan and teacher availability. 


Fees must be paid at the time of registration. Payments are required by the start of each semester (September and February). For private lessons, the frequency of payment is decided between the instructor and student. Registration fees are non-refundable. There will be NO reimbursement for classes not taken.  There will be NO reimbursement of a partial month of classes.

Independent practice

Our expectation of students is they practice at least one hour each week prior to the next lesson. Independent practice offers each student growth in personal determination, dedication, and discipline. This is the parents’ responsibility if the student is a minor. Without independent practice they will not progress according to the teacher's pace within the curriculum. If by the end of June the student is not at the expected progression, then they will have to repeat the same level the following fall semester. For example, a beginner level student will have to start beginner level again next fall instead of entering into the intermediate level.

Dress code

Students are to wear a BLACK long or short sleeve top with BLACK leggings that are comfortable to exercise in. Salwar Kameez and Churidar suits of any colour may also be worn. Jeans, dresses and skirts are NOT to be worn as they can hamper dance movements and be a distraction.

Entering the dance class

Dancers are to remove their shoes at the entrance and be prepared to dance in their bare feet. Dancing bare feet is a norm with Indian dance.  

Arrive on time for dance class

Arriving on time allows dancers to settle into a focused mindset. Arriving late leads to both teacher and student(s) feeling distracted and overwhelmed. Arriving in a timely fashion shows respect to your teacher and fellow dancers. 

Our Bharatanatyam lessons begin and end with the Namaskar, a sacred salutation offering prayer and greetings and seeking blessings from God, the Guru (teacher), and the audience. This gesture expresses honour, courtesy, politeness, hospitality, and gratitude. It is important to complete the Namaskar uninterrupted or staggered. The teacher will lead the class through the Namaskar at the start and end of the lesson.

Students must show respect to teachers and peers at all times.

Water breaks in dance classes

Many teachers give one to two water breaks per hour in children’s dance classes, or as needed. Always send your dancer with a water bottle if needed.

Washroom breaks in dance classes

Dancers should go to the washroom before dance class starts, just like they do in school. This makes for less interruptions for a whole class.

Personal belongings 

Dancers should not be bringing anything into a dance class that will be distracting to the learning environment such as toys, phones, or other accessories. Students leaving money or valuables in the dressing rooms do so at their own risk. We suggest not bringing valuables to the studio, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Parents/Guardians involvement during dance classes

If parents have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please talk to your teacher or dancer after the dance class.


Each instructor creates a WhatsApp group for their class level. This is how communication is primarily transferred to students and parents. At times, emails will also be sent. It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure they are responsible in receiving all emails/WhatsApp messages and information given out at the studio. 

Class Cancellations

If parents or students are to cancel a lesson, the teacher is to be notified 4 or more hours prior to the lesson. This courtesy helps the teacher know who to expect at practice and how to adjust for the student’s absence.  There will be NO refunds for missed classes and NO make-up classes. If class is cancelled by the teacher, a substitute teacher might cover the lesson & a make-up lesson is not guaranteed. Any class changes made by the teacher will be made via the group’s Whatsapp chat. There will be NO refunds for cancelled classes due to severe weather conditions.  We advise you to contact the teacher when there are severe weather conditions to see if classes have been cancelled.


We believe that performing builds stage experience which compliments further learning and future performances. We try to seek out or provide stage experience from the start of enrolling with KBC. It will be the Artistic Director's and teachers’ decision as to which students will participate in performance items within competitions, productions, private events, etc.  


Additional practices are to be expected when rehearsing for upcoming performances. Attendance to all additional practices as well as rehearsals scheduled on the week-of a show date, as well as the stage rehearsal(s) is mandatory. Unless otherwise indicated for a production, there are no additional fees for extra practices required to prepare for a show.


Costumes provided may have a fee and are required to be returned after performing in it. 

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